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A fresh coat of paint doesn’t just brighten your home but also breathes new life into the property. Property Solutions has a highly experienced team of professional house painters who can easily and perfectly carry out any painting job. So, no matter whether your home is small or big, the quality of residential and commercial painting services provided by Property Solutions is always top-notch and highly satisfactory.

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We have an enthusiastic team of employees and contractors that are closely managed by Eric to ensure the company’s quality and reputation are upheld.


Who is Property solutions NZ Ltd.?

Property Solutions NZ Ltd. is an Auckland-based, well-established property maintenance and painting company founded by Eric Hanosh. Eric has been in property maintenance, renovation, and painting for over 15 years in New Zealand. He prides himself on providing the highest quality finish and excellent painting service to clients.

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Why you should trust us for your painting services needs ?

At Property Solutions, your paint needs and requirements are important to us. Hence, we go above and beyond to provide 100% customer satisfaction with our services. Being a team of reliable and trustworthy master painters in Auckland, we finish every house painting project with utmost sincerity and care. We treat your property just like we would treat ours.

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    The ideal time to paint your house's exterior is in the summer and fall, as the temperature is more moderate and new paint requires dry weather. Remember that paint doesn't dry well when there are too many fluctuations in weather conditions. It is also important to consider determining the right time to paint the house's exterior. In addition to weather conditions, you also need to consider the surroundings of your home. For example, if there are many trees near your house, then fall isn't the ideal time for exterior painting in Auckland.

    An essential painting step is priming when preparing your home for exterior painting. Priming is done for the new paint to adhere better to the surface. It helps prevent the paint's peeling, cracking, and fading over time. Priming can be avoided if you paint the exterior the same color as before and if the existing paint is in perfect condition and not glossy. One important thing to remember is to let the primer dry before painting, which usually takes 2–6 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity. A quality primer application is important for good results after the painting.

    You can consider painting the exterior of your entire house in the winter, but you do have to take extra precautions and consider some important factors. The biggest challenge one faces when painting in winter is the cold weather and high humidity, which don't account for the proper drying conditions of the paint. It leads to problems like peeling, color inconsistency, poor adhesion, etc. If you consider a few factors, it can be done without much problem. The first factor is the type of paint you will use. Oil-based paints are more resistant to low temperatures than other types of paint. The second is the weather condition; consider a sunny day where there are fewer chances of weather fluctuations. The best house painters, like the registered master painters at Property Solutions, will be prepared for everything to ensure proper drying and great results.


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