Apartment Renovation


If you’re looking to renovate your apartment in Auckland City, you might want to check out the recent work done by Property Solutions, NZ. We had the opportunity to prepare an apartment for sale that was in desperate need of a facelift, and we were able to deliver amazing results that not only impressed our clients but also potential buyers. The transformation was remarkable, and we’re proud to have contributed to the success of the sale.

Bedroom RenovationKitchen RenovationBathroom Renovation

One of the key areas that we focused on was the kitchen. We installed brand new cabinetry and countertops, giving the space a modern look and providing ample storage for the new homeowners. The kitchen is often the heart of any home, and we wanted to make sure that it was not only functional but also stylish and welcoming.

We also replaced the old carpet with new, high-quality flooring that not only looked great but also added value to the property. We worked with the owners to choose a carpet that would complement the overall design of the apartment, and we were able to install it quickly and efficiently.

Another area of focus was interior painting. We worked with a team of professional painters to refresh the walls and ceilings, giving the apartment a clean and polished look. We chose a neutral color palette that would appeal to a wide range of buyers, and the finished result was stunning.

Finally, we paid close attention to the tiling and grouting in the bathroom and kitchen areas. We wanted to make sure that every aspect of the apartment was up to our high standards, so we took the time to carefully clean and repair the tiles and grouting. The finished result was a bathroom and kitchen that looked brand new and added significant value to the property.

Apartment Renovation

Overall, we were thrilled with the results of our work on this apartment. The owners were able to sell it for well over the expected price, and we received numerous compliments on the quality of our work. If you’re looking to renovate your own property, we highly recommend working with Property Solutions. Our team of experts can help you achieve the results you’re looking for, whether you need help with interior painting on the North Shore of Auckland or a complete overhaul of your space. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you transform your home.

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