Interior Painting Auckland


If you are moving into a newly built house or a rental property, a fresh coat of paint or two will make it feel like you are moving into a new house. The question is, should you paint the rooms yourself or leave it to the professionals? Read on to find out what suits you best

1st Option: Hiring Professional Painters The first and most obvious option for most people in this case would be to hire professional help. Most of us are not able to afford the amount of time it takes to complete the task, and the professionals know how to do the job best in the limited time. The interior house painters Auckland are a highly experienced team of painters who take care of your needs and provide a finish that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. 

If you want to go ahead with this option, make sure you find out the following from the painters before hiring them:

  • Painting estimate – Instead of knowing the total, it is good if you get a breakdown of the payment summary. This way you will be able to understand the charge for the labor, paint, and materials used, and whether they have charged you for the travel time and processes such as pressure washing. 
  • Timeframe – Ask the painter how long it can take for them to complete the project and if you have any other questions. 
  • Painter’s credentials – Find out if the painter has all the licenses and permits required by your state and whether they are insured should an accident, or injury happen or in case of personal property damage.
  • Understand your requirements – Even if you hire a professional, you will have to know how much work is required to move the furniture, the prep work required from your end before the painter’s work begins
  • Make a payment plan – All terms of payment should be made in the contract, with the details of the cost based on the labor and materials. Do not go outside of the payment contract while making the payment.

2nd Option: Do it yourself. If you do not want to hire professionals for this job, you can do it yourself. We understand that this is probably your first time here. So, we have enlisted some tips that can be beneficial to you:

  • Use tack cloths to clean the surface
  • Purchase high-quality brushes and roller covers for applying glues, adhesives, interior painting, and a better finish
  • Test for loose paint with the duct tape test for a quality surface testing
  • Purchase high-quality paint, roller and tray
  • Use latex or nitrile gloves to keep the paints off your hands while painting. 
  • Liberally apply painter’s tape to the wall
  • A wet edge will help to avoid overlap marks 
  • Use a masking film to cover the areas that are clean
  • Wrap the roller or brush to avoid cleaning


Interior painting is not as easy as it looks. Therefore, in our final words, we ask you to go ahead and paint the room yourself only if you have a strong grip on the paintbrushes.

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